Glampervan MUV - Promaster Van Upfit

  • Our latest design is multi use vehicle (MUV) that can be part of your daily life rather than just a weekend getaway. It's a two-person camper. It's a mobile office.  And still can haul your stuff like a truck.

  • We upfit our design into your RAM Promaster 136wb van and largely build to a fixed design with a few options to minimize build cost and time for you. 

  • Price? Upfitting ranges approximately from $30k to $65k depending on options--which is about 50% of the price of your typical upfit of for a Sprinter van.  Many options can be excluded for less expensive "core" build which is ideal for DIYers

  • We are taking deposits for our builds now.

  • Send us a email and let us know where you are at in the van upfitting process.  We'll followup with more information for you from there.

  • More info from Glampervan coming soon.  Subscribe to our email list and you won't miss a beat!


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