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Custom Camper Vans by Glampervan

Whether you’re looking to maximize your weekend getaways or spend your life on the road, Glampervan is a camper van company that focuses on you and the activities you love most. We offer custom camper van conversions for all types of camper fans, whether you want a barebones build you can work on yourself, something fully loaded and habitable in the long term, or something in between.

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Queen sized murphy bed with custom upholstered memory foam mattress foam. Fits two 6'3" individuals. 


Ample cabinet storage, made from Maple and birch. Equipped with push to click latches that remain sealed and quiet on the bumpiest of roads. 


3-way charging lithium ion powered electrical system. All lighting on dimmable switches. Efficient DC 55L refrigeration & 10L water heating. Large load 110v AC capability.


20 Gallon freshwater tank attached to pressurized sink and outdoor shower. 


Upfitting ranges from $45k to $89k depending on options.  Many options can be excluded for less expensive "core" build which is ideal for DIYers.

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Our latest design is multi use vehicle (MUV) that can be part of your daily life rather than just a weekend getaway.

It's a two-person camper. It's a mobile office. And still can haul your stuff like a truck.

We upfit our design into your RAM Promaster 136 wheel base van and build to a largely fixed design with a few options to minimize build cost and time for you. 

MUV 136

What People Say About Us

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Minibus on the Road
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If you’re struggling to find a van that checks all your boxes, Glampervan may be worth a look. Using the Ram Promaster 136 as its base, the Oakland-based company will help you build the vehicle of your dreams whether your main priority is work or play (or both).

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The attention to detail Glampervan took when arranging all the controls and switches in the van is impressive. I can easily adjust the heater, safely stow my coffee mug, dim the lights, and charge my devices, all from the comfort of my bed.


With the goal of making van life both more economical and feasible, Glampervan’s conversion packages sound downright reasonable compared to pricier outfitters.

Mountain Road
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While the sliding boxes feature is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a Class B van, another one that floats my boat is the optional roof platform. This is a large metal platform that you can actually go and stand on or even use as a platform for a way-up-there patio.

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The company offers one basic floorplan/package you can add with various options and accessories. This makes their buildout faster and more dependable, as it has been road-tested repeatedly. Glampervan optimizes every aspect of the design.

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They offer tried and true designs that are built for livability, aesthetic, and functionality. When you're working with such a tiny space, no detail can be spared. By using templates, the company can produce high-quality campervans at a fast pace. Custom work takes a lot of extra time!

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