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Financing Options


  • You can receive $50,000 for your Glampervan build or for customer work on existing van. 

  • Interest rate 5.0% and up.

  • 1 to 10 year term.

  • Monthly payments for a Glampervan Build of $50,000 starting as low as $717.


LoanGlide application here

Your application will not cause a hard pull on your credit rating until you are ready to sign the loan documents so don't be shy if this is of interest.

You can add a co-signer to your application (best FICO score wins).

You can submit an application multiple times in case of typos etc.

After you are approved, Glampervan will initiate final documentation to apply to the work being done here. 


For example only, your payments will vary with your credit rating*

60 Months | 40K | 3%APR:
Purchase RAM Promaster 136 High Roof van at $40,000 through Chrysler Financial: ​

60 month term, 3.0% APR at Chrysler Finance, $5,000 cash deposit (deposit may not be required) 

Van monthly payment = $719


120 Months | 54K | 12%APR
Purchase $54,000 Glampervan “Standard Build” using Glampervan’s partner LoanGlide

120 month term, 11.99% APR, $5,000 deposit (deposit may not be required) 

Build monthly payment = $717

Total: $1,436 first 60 months, $717 for next 60 months


Q: Can a friend or family member co-sign?

A: Yes. There can be a total of two co-applicants when you apply to LoanGlide.  The bank uses the highest FICO score of the two and uses the addition of both your incomes.  It’s always better to use two applications.  There is no hard pull of credit scores so there is no downside to adding another applicant.

Q: If denied, can I apply again, say by using a co-applicant the second time?
A: Yes. Just use the same URL and reapply with the co-applicant's info included as a 2nd applicant.

Q: Are interest payments deductible on my income tax filings?
A: Generally, yes, but please consult a tax professional to confirm.

Q: Who is LoanGlide?
A: LoanGlide is a Glampervan banking partner that focuses on financing moderate sized consumer purchase such as camper vans.

Q. Does paying the prescribed payments bring principal balance to zero at end of term?
A: Yes

Q: More questions?  
A: Email or call: | 415-696-0087


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