Ordering Your Glampervan

How do I order?

1. Decide on your Glampervan options , send us a marked up options sheet that represents the Glampervan you are thinking about. It doesn't need to be exact as you can change a few things up until we start the build. 2. Talk to us about our build schedule and when you'd start 3. Put a 50% deposit down to hold place in our schedule 4. Buy a Promaster van and bring to us on your build start date 5. Pay remainder of 50% upon receipt of the finished van * Note: we welcome you to come meet the build crew and see how things are progressing before/during/after your build Questions? Email us.

What is your build schedule?

1. We generally have build start times within a few weeks 2. Our goal is a build time between 6 -12 weeks--depending on the complexities of your build et al 3. You reserve your build spot with a 50% deposit for your Glampervan build after you pick out your build options

How much does a new, empty RAM Promaster van cost?

New RAM Promaster 136 high roof vans are selling in the range of $28k-$36k depending on options and the ever changing dealer discounts, generally $3k-$7k. RAM Promaster Van Resources

Do you offer financing?

Not yet, but there are a number of ways to make the van more affordable

Do you have pre-built, ready-to-buy Glampervans?

Not yet, but working on it.

When I buy my Promaster for Glampervan, what options should I look for?


  • RAM Promaster 136 wheelbase, high roof
  • 2500 (not the 1500)
  • 2014 to present
  • Bucket passenger seat (not bench passenger seat)
  • No cargo partition (factory or aftermarket)
  • Slider door on passenger side / no slider door on drivers side (typical config)
Strongly recommended
  • park sense warning
  • backup camera
  • cruise control
  • power mirrors (to easily switch drivers)
Recommended, but not critical:
  • vinyl seats
  • power mirrors
  • trailer hitch (for trailers, for bike racks, for extra cargo). The dealer or your local car rack seller can do this install. The wiring is way easier before we do the Glampervan build.
Nice to have:
  • 225 amp alternator (easy to add later)
Recommended, but unlikely to find:
  • back and sliding door windows (we normally add these if not)
  • swivel seats (rare to find, we'll add them if not)
  • most Promasters are geared towards commercial use, you'll find very few vans that are (a) not white and (b) equiped for camper van conversion.
When in doubt, send us a clear photo of the window sticker before you buy your van and we'll confirm it.

Do you have a dealer you work with?

We are just beginning to build our dealer network. Compatible vans are readily available within 50-200 miles of just about anywhere. Send us an email and we can find one for you.