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Custom Core Build (Non-Glampervan)
  • Custom Core Build (Non-Glampervan)





    - Custom kitchen area.


    - Custom fresh water and grey water system.



    - Vibration deadning for floor walls and ceiling.

    - Wall, & ceiling 3M thinsulate insulation (R 5.8).

    - Floor polyiso insulation (R 6.5).

    - Custom bed platform.


    - Multi zone dimmable lighting.

    - Maxxair Fans.


    - USB outlets.


    - 110V outlets.


    - 300+ft of marine grade wiring.


    - EcoFlow Power System: Fkwh (416ah) lithium battery, 3600W inverter/shore power, two solar controllers, alternator charge controller, AC & DC fuse box. 



    - Sumo springs "bump stop" rear suspension upgrade to add stability and driveability.

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    Core products included in the $45,000 build cost are denoted with a $0 additional cost.